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Texas Pecan Trees - Pecan Tree Care

Texas Pecan Trees
Pecan Tree Care

An online guide for growing pecan trees in Texas including planting pecan trees, fertilizing and watering pecan trees, small pecan orchard management, and pecan tree care.


We don't consider ourselves pecan experts, or 'nut gurus,' and we don't necessarily claim that all the pecan information on this website is 100% right, but we know it's not entirely wrong...we've been taking care of our own small pecan orchard since 1995, efficiently and profitably. Throughout our own constant search for pecan information on the internet, we've realized a need for one single source of pecan information, and as a result, we've put our knowledge and experience on growing pecan trees together on this pecan website. We hope you find this pecan information useful and helpful. We know you'll find it at times opinionated with a unique twist and a whole new way of raising pecan trees profitably. Welcome to the Texas Pecan website!

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   with pecan farmer and author Rodney Strange

Pecan Tree Care
Texas Pecan Trees - pecan information from tassel to table


Pecan information on all aspects of pecan tree care.   From planting a pecan tree, pruning, fertilizing and watering pecan trees, harvesting pecans, shelling or selling pecans...we even have over 140 pecan recipes! From tassel to table...Texas Pecan Trees has all the information you need to provide the proper care for your pecan tree.


Texas Pecan Trees has extensive information on planting a pecan orchard, pecan orchard layout, pecan orchard irrigation techniques, and pecan orchard management.
Pecan Orchard Management


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   View this impressive collection of pecan information included on the Texas Pecan Tree website

Planting Pecan Trees

A guide to buying pecan trees, pecan varieties suitable for your area, and when, where, and how to plant your pecan tree.

Planting A Backyard Pecan Tree
Homeowners guide to planting a pecan tree in their yard.

Planting A Pecan Orchard
Information and tips on planting a whole orchard of Texas pecan trees.

Growing Texas Pecan Trees
Caring for your young pecan tree or a whole orchard of trees can be a labor intense and costly venture. Or maybe not.

Watering Pecan Trees
The most common mistake is not providing adequate water for your pecan trees. Find out how much water and how often.

Pecan Orchard Irrigation Methods
Should you irrigate your pecan orchard with a sprinkler system or drip irrigation? Maybe both, maybe neither.

Fertilizing Pecan Trees
Pecan tree fertilizer is a must, however the wrong fertilizer applied at the wrong time can do more harm than good.

Applying Zinc To Pecan Trees
Why we believe zinc applications are as important as watering your trees.

Pruning Pecan Trees
Pruning and pecan tree trimming techniques. When and how to prune and what tools you need to get it done.

Pecan Orchard Management
Taking care of the floor beneath you pecan trees is important for the health of your orchard.

Pecan Insect Pest Control
Contolling the pests that threaten your pecan crop is essential.

Birds, Squirrels and Other Pests
How to control pecan predators, from bugs to birds.

Harvesting Pecans
You've got pecans! Harvesting your pecan crop can be a challenging, time consuming, and back breaking chore.

Marketing Your Pecans
Depending on how hard you want to work at it, pecans can be 'little gold nuggets.'
Don't miss your golden opportunity!

Choosing a Pecan Shelling Facility
The custom pecan sheller is an important part of your operation and your success. Choose wisely.

A Guide to Buying Pecan Trees
We share our experiences on buying pecan trees, what type of pecan tree to purchase, and where we suggest you start looking for a pecan tree for sale!

Texas Pecan Recipes
Over 140 pecan recipes in our extensive collection including pecan pie recipes, pecan candies, pecan cake recipes, appetizers with pecans, pecan fudge and cookies...and lots more!

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Author Rodney Strange in his pecan orchard

About the man behind the Texas Pecan website

Rodney Strange made two life changing decisions back in 1995; he bought a small, neglected pecan orchard and he discovered his passion for designing websites.  The end result?  The Texas Pecan Trees website!  We hope you find the Texas Pecan Trees site helpful!  Find out more about Rodney Strange
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Texas Pecan Trees - information on growing pecan trees, fertilizing, trimming and pruning, planting pecan trees, pecan tree care, and pecan trees for sale.