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Texas Pecan Trees - Pecan Tree Care

Texas Pecan Trees
 Pecan Tree Care

An online guide for growing pecan trees in Texas including planting pecan trees, fertilizing and watering pecan trees, small pecan orchard management, and pecan tree care.

Pecan Trees For Sale - A Guide To Buying Pecan Trees

Searching for pecan trees for sale? The Texas Pecan Trees website receives numerous questions from our readers asking where they can find pecan trees for sale. I will try to answer this questions and more below. Oh, and to answer the most common question I, I don't have any pecan trees for sale.


The most important thing to remember when you begin your search for pecan trees for sale is simply this:
(a) Purchase the right variety of pecan tree for your area.
(b) Purchase a healthy and well cared for pecan tree.
(c) Do not overpay for a pecan tree wherever you shop.

Many people turn to the most logical outlet when they want to buy a pecan tree...their local nursery. I urge you to excercise caution as you explore this source. I have found time after time that a local nursery offering pecan trees for sale generally offers poor quality pecan trees that have been neglected. I also have found that a local tree nursery tends to overcharge for these inferior pecan trees. I recommend you shop around before purchasing your new pecan tree from the nursery down the street.
I must admit I have never purchased a pecan tree from an online supplier, but I have visited numerous online websites that offer pecan trees for sale, and have been impressed with the varieties offered, the prices they charge for their pecan trees, their guarantees and return policies, and in some cases their shipping charges are very reasonable. Keep in mind if you choose to purchase a pecan tree from a grower located far away, it will be shipped 'bare root,' which means the tree has been dug up and all the soil removed from its roots. Even though the supplier will probably take extreme measures to prevent damage to the tree roots, ultimately the tree will suffer some degree of stress. More than likely, a bare root tree will take some time to overcome this stress once it's been planted. It is quite possible that the tree will lose it's first year's growth as a result of being shipped 'bare root.' It has been my experience with other fruit trees I have purchased online in the past that the survival rate for bare root trees is about 50%-75%...something to keep in mind.


So, I have given you reasons NOT to buy your pecan tree from the local nursery or online from a grower hundreds of miles away. Now, I'm going to clue you in on where you might just want to start your search for pecan trees for sale. There's a reason that national chains that include a garden center are becoming so successful...they take care of business. The very best pecan trees I have found available for sale have been at Lowe's Home Improvement Center. I have found these pecan trees to be well shaped, well cared for, fairly priced, and potted (a big plus in my book.) I usually purchase between five and ten pecan trees from my local Lowes every year and I have never lost a single tree yet. I wish I knew who Lowe's supplier is...I give them a thumbs up for a quality product and a very fair price. You may want to check with other garden centers in your immediate area and make your own judgment call.



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