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In 2008 I launched the website, Texas Pecan, which provided in-depth information on all aspects of pecan tree care. It was and remains to this day, the only complete online source of information covering pecan production from planting a young tree to harvesting and marketing a pecan crop. It remains at the top of the first page of Google's search results for 'pecan tree.'

While I am thankful for the success of the Texas Pecan website, I do believe that my greatest reward as a pecan farmer comes when that very first pecan of the season is plucked from the tree. It is an annual ritual. I immediately head to the house with pecan in hand, carefully crack the shell, and pop the fresh pecan meat in my mouth, savoring its wonderful flavor. No pecan tastes better than the very first pecan of the season!

I truly hope you find this collection of pecan recipes useful. Happy baking!

Rodney Strange

Pecan farmer and author

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Rodney Strange has written under the alias 'The Rusty Goat' for years! Check out the Rusty Goat website!