Pecan Tree Care Videos

With Rodney Strange, a pecan farmer for twenty-four years and author of the best selling book, 'Pecan Tree Care'

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Pecan Tree Care
How-To Videos

Videos on how to care for pecan trees, a video guide for growing pecan trees, planting pecan trees, fertilizing and watering pecan trees, pecan tree zinc applications, and pecan tree care.

Pecan Tree Aphids

Pecan Tree
Aphid Control 

Aphids are tiny insects that can cause immense damage to pecan trees

Pecan Tree Fertilizer

Fertilizing Pecan Trees

Fertilizing pecan trees, what type of fertilizer to use, when to fertilize, and where to find fertillizer.

Harvesting Pecans

Preparing for
Pecan Harvest

Tips on prepping for pecan harvest including weed control and clearing debris.

Pruning Pecan Trees

Pruning Suckers on Pecan Trees

A short video on how to prune unwanted growth on the trunks of pecan trees.

Watering Pecan Trees

Rain and Watering Pecan Trees

When it comes to watering pecan trees, rain 'just doesn't count according to this pecan farmer.

Watering Pecan Trees

Pecan Tree Water Requirements

Pecan farmer Rodney Strange stresses the need to provide ample water to your trees.

Pecan Tree Care In Winter

Pecan Tree Care During Winter Months

Winter is actually the bgeinning of your grownig season. Tips o nwinter pecan tree care.

Woodpeckers and Pecan Trees

Woodpeckers and Pecan Trees

While woodpeckers can cause damafe to pecan trees, their presence is a sign of more problems


Watering Pecan Trees

Watering pecan trees, discussion on how much water pecan trees need to grow.

Pecan Tree Pre-Harvest

Pecan Tips

As pecan harvest approaches, there are steps you can take to ensure a good crop.

Pruning Pecan Trees

Pruning Pecan Trees

Can pecan trees be pruned during the growing season?  This video addresses summer pruning.


Pecan Tree Pruning Tools

A video on various pruning tools for pecan trees and where to find them.


Pecan Trees and Zinc

Pecan trees need zinc, a micro-nutrient, for optimal growth and pecan production

Pecan Tree Care

Get My Book

Pecan Tree Care, a best selling book by Rodney Strange.  Find it on

Pecan Recipes

130 Pecan Recipes

Pecan farmer Rodney Strange shares his collection of 130 pecan recipes in this book.

Pecan Tree Care Videos

More Videos Coming

Check back often for more pecan tree care how-to videos from Rodney Strange

Pecan Tree Care

Pecan Tree Care  Find it on
Pecan information on all aspects of pecan tree care. From planting a pecan tree, pruning, fertilizing and watering pecan trees, harvesting pecans, shelling or selling pecans. From tassel to table...this informative and all inclusive book has all the information you need to provide the proper care for your pecan tree.

Written by Rodney Strange, a pecan farmer with over twenty years of experience, this book provides one single source of pecan information right at your fingertips.
Available in paperback or Kindle format.


Pecan Tree Care - How To Videos on Pecan Tree Care
 Videos on growing pecan trees including planting pecan trees, fertilizing and watering pecan trees, small pecan orchard management, applying zinc to pecan trees, and pecan tree care.