Author Rodney Strange
We don't consider ourselves pecan experts, or 'nut gurus,' and we don't necessarily claim that all the pecan information on this website is 100% right, but we know it's not entirely wrong...we've been taking care of our own small pecan orchard since 1995, efficiently and profitably.  Throughout our own constant search for pecan information on the internet, we've realized a need for one single source of pecan information, and as a result, we've put our knowledge and experience on growing pecan trees together on this pecan website.  We hope you find this pecan information useful and helpful.  We know you'll find it at times opinionated with a unique twist and a whole new way of raising pecan trees profitably.  Welcome to the Texas Pecan website!
This information is provided as a public service by pecan grower and author Rodney Strange
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